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The Third 60-Day National Action Plan: Synopsis Of The Reform Initiatives

  • Entry and Exit of People

    For an overall impact of enhancing efficiency and transparency in entry, movement and exit of people in the Nigerian aviation sector, agencies such as the FAAN, NIS, NCAA, and EBES shall promote the following reform initiatives:

    S/No Reform Initiative Expected Outcome


    Stop the use of Passenger Service Charge (PSC) stickers.

    Enable the boarding of local flights by passengers without additional check at departure by FAAN.


    Improve the process of Visa on Arrival by enabling web-based application and approval.

    A web-based application and approval system for Visa on Arrival applicants.


    Install luggage scanners at the arrival halls of international airports.

    Minimise manual search by utilising scanners in scanning passengers’ luggage upon arrival at international airports


    Enforce airline compliance with passengers’ rights

    Make airlines more efficient at flight scheduling by minimising flight delays and cancellations.


    Enforce Single Passenger Clearance (SPC) interface at the airports.

    Consolidation of the activities of all agencies operating at the airport into a single interface as directed in the Presidential Executive Order 001 of 2017.


    Deploy PEBEC feedback kiosks at Lagos & Abuja airports.

    Capture feedback and complaints for resolution and necessary action.

  • Getting Electricity

    In order to achieve meaningful impact of promoting efficiency and transparency in the process for new connections and new power plants, the NERC, Eko DisCo, Ikeja DisCo, Kano DisCo, Kaduna DisCo, NEMSA, and the FME shall implement the following reforms:

    S/No Reform Initiative Expected Outcome


    Drive 100% compliance with NERC Order on timelines for new connections to the Grid.

    Reduction of procedures to five (5) steps and timeline to forty-four (44) days for new connections to the Grid as regards 50KVA transformers and above.


    Encourage DisCos to roll out e-application systems for new connections to the Grid.

    Elimination of manual application, submission and approval process for new connections.


    DisCos to implement Grid Mapping using technology (GIS or EMS/SCADA).

    Enabling DisCos to establish detailed data of customers and assets.


    Encourage adherence to timeline for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application process.

    Facilitation of timely determination of the various categories of EIA applications for electrical infrastructure.

  • Starting a Business

    The CAC shall continue with the ongoing reforms in business registration and regulations so as to build on the progress already made and also achieve maximum impact of improved transparency and efficiency in post-registration filings. In furtherance of this objective, the following reform initiative shall be driven by the CAC:

    S/No Reform Initiative Expected Outcome


    Adhere to timelines for post registration filings.

    Treatment of post-registration applications within twenty-four (24) hours at the CAC head-office.

  • Paying Taxes

    The FIRS is expected to implement the following reforms with the aim of achieving an overall impact of promoting transparency and efficiency in tax administration:

    S/No Reform Initiative Expected Outcome


    Drive adoption of electronic filing of taxes for all categories of companies.

    Provision of access to e-platforms for all classes of taxpayers.


    Adhere to timeline to complete a Corporate Income Tax (CIT) audit.

    Compliance with the 90-day timeline to complete a CIT audit by the FIRS.