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An Analysis Of The Competition Regime In The Nigerian Telecommunications Industry


  1. Accounting Separation: The Commission will immediately enforce and implement Accounting Separation on the dominant operator;

  2. Collapse of On‐net and Off‐net Retail Tariffs: The differential between the on–net and off net retail tariffs will be immediately collapsed. The tariff for on‐net and off net will be the same, and subject to periodic review; and

  3. Submission of Required Details: The Commission may require the dominant operator to submit details on specific aspects of its operations from time to time as the need arises.

The determination shall take effect from May 1, 2013 and remain valid and binding on Licensees for the services specified in relevant markets segments of this Section, until further reviewed by the Commission.


Whilst we are not aware of any subsequent market assessment conducted by the NCC in relation to competition in the Nigerian telecommunication industry, the foregoing analysis showcases a practical example of the application of competition guidelines in an emerging economy such as ours. It is hoped that similar approach will be applied in other sectors of the economy, till Nigeria is able to develop a well-defined and generally applicable competition regime akin to what operates, in some developed countries.

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