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NBA Annual Conference 2014

Posted on Wed 20 Aug 2014

"Nigeria, A 100 Years After" was the theme of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Annual Conference 2014.

At the Conference, Banwo & Ighodalo partner Femi Olubanwo presented a paper on Successful Succession Planning For Law Firms. He answered questions like: (i). Why, in Nigeria, has it been so difficult for the older generation of lawyers to let go – Even passing control to their children is difficult? (ii). Why is it that Nigerian law firms that were prominent in their time, exist only for a season and have not survived beyond the founders or into another generation? amongst others.

His notable remarks included: "A good succession plan must be clear, understood by all and be forward-looking. It must percolate through the people planned for. We are 7 partners but our plan is robust enough to accommodate 50 partners or more because we don’t want to keep amending it constantly…

We will do our best in our time and leave the next generation of B&I partners to carry on from there."

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