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SON Introduces Mandatory Product Authentication Mark (PAM)

Posted on Tue 30 Jan 2018

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (“SON”) has introduced the Product Authentication Mark (“PAM”), a mark of quality that is required to be affixed on all retail products (falling within the purview of the SON), to demonstrate their conformity to approved standards. Accordingly, all products certified through the SON Conformity Assessment Programme (“SONCAP”) for imported products; or Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (“MANCAP”) for locally manufactured products, are required to have the PAM affixed thereon before they may be sold in Nigeria.

The regulation governing this programme comes into effect on February 1, 2018 and the deadline for the implementation of PAM is March 31, 2018. Any product that is subject to the programme that is sold in Nigeria without the PAM sticker after that date may, amongst other sanctions, be destroyed. Although relevant stakeholders, including the Manufacturer’s Association of Nigeria (“MAN”) and other similar interest groups are engaging SON on this new regulation, it is clear that there is a resolve on the part of the SON to implement the regulation. Thus, all importers and local manufacturers are enjoined to take the necessary steps to acquire the PAM stickers from SON before the aforementioned deadline.

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