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Highlights of the 60-Day National Action Plan on Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria


On Obtaining Construction Permits

The following reforms are being implemented by the LASG to ease doing business in Lagos State, the nation’s commercial capital:


Identified Challenges

Reforms (Ongoing & Completed)



Construction permits’ procedures currently require manual submission of a large set of documents. 

Operationalise e-planning platform for Lagos State.

  • Ability to submit and track applications online.

  • Reduced time to secure permits. 


Lack of clarity on applicable rules, fees, and procedures, and in what situations same applied. Also, lack of clarity on qualifications of architects and engineers who are empowered to supervise construction activities.

  • Publication of rules, fees and procedures on Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) website.

  • Laws relating to qualification of architects and engineers who are legally empowered to supervise construction activities have also been published on LASPPPA website.

  • Predictability of fees during application processes.

  • Transparency of planning permit assessment.


Criteria for waiver of requirement for soil tests and environmental tests were unclear, and this appeared to be the time-consuming portion of the process for getting permits.

Working to limit soil tests and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) only to specialized cases.

  • Soil tests for constructions below four (4) storeys which are not in marshy areas have been eliminated.

  • EIA test requirement for low scale construction has been eliminated.

The overall impact which the above reforms is expected to have is to reduce the time required to procure construction permits from forty-two (42) days to twenty (20) days.