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Highlights of the 60-Day National Action Plan on Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria

On Registering Property

The following initiatives are also to be implemented by the LASG to ease the process of getting title to properties in the nation’s commercial capital:


Identified Challenges

Reforms (Ongoing & Completed)



Presently, different fees are required to be paid at different stages of title registration. The applicant would therefore be required to undertake several visits to the land registry before the registration is completed.

Consolidation of payment of several fees into one payment.

An applicant for registration of title to property will only have to make a single payment.


It is currently difficult to provide constructive feedback on the title registration process and advocate for changes.

Complaints mechanism is now available for providing feedback and information on the Complaints Unit has been published.

A functional complaints mechanism with guaranteed acknowledgment.


Processing time for issuance of Governor’s Consent in Lagos State exceeds those of other countries with similar laws, and the governor is regularly presented with a large number of applications.

To reduce the time spent in processing and obtaining Governor's Consent.

  • E-signing of Governor's Consent.

  • Delegation of consent powers to Commissioners to reduce time spent in processing and obtaining Governor's Consent.


Cumbersome legal process/ requirement for conducting due diligence on properties at the Land Registry.

Eliminate requirement for sworn affidavit for property search at the Land Registry.

  • Streamlined and seamless process for conducting search on properties.

  • Eliminated the requirement for a sworn affidavit for a property search at the Land Registry.

The expected overall impact of the above reforms is the reduction of the number of days for registering property from seventy-seven (77) days to thirty (30) days.