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Highlights of the 60-Day National Action Plan on Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria

On Entry and Exit of People

The following initiatives are being implemented through synergetic relationships among federal government agencies, such as the NIS and FAAN, which are involved in the administration of inward and outward movement of people in Nigeria:


Identified Challenges

Reforms (Ongoing & Completed)



Travelers had to fill multiple forms on arrival in or departure from Nigeria without sufficient clarity on the process.

Consolidation of arrival and departure forms.

  • Single form for departure and arrival (for non-Nigerians only).

  • Proper clarity for travelers.


Visa on Arrival application process was unclear and also had to be submitted in person.

Simplification of application and submission processes for Visa on Arrival requests.

  • Submission of applications and receipt of approval letters can now be done electronically via a dedicated email address (

  • 48-hour timeline for pre-approval. 

  • Website improvement for increased transparency around application process.


Passengers undergo manual searches of baggage at departure points at the airports, which is intrusive and time-consuming.

Elimination of manual baggage searches through upgrade of relevant equipment.

  • No manual searches of baggage.

  • Less delay during departure.


Major infrastructure deficits at Lagos and Abuja airports such as decrepit elevators, escalators and chillers.

To upgrade infrastructure at the Lagos & Abuja airports.

  • Functional infrastructure at Lagos and Abuja airports. 

  • Clearly defined maintenance schedules.


No timeline for issuance of visas at Nigerian missions abroad resulting in huge delays with processing of such applications.

Enforcement of a 48-hour timeline for issuance of visas at Nigerian missions abroad.

Improved and efficient process for issuance of visas at Nigerian missions abroad within a 48-hour timeline.

The overall impact of the above reforms is to achieve a 48-hour visa processing timeline & improved traveler experience at Nigeria’s international airports.



The 60–Day National Action Plan is, in our considered opinion, a step in the right direction. We believe that if the current efforts of the FGN and the respective stakeholders in driving and implementing the promised reforms are sustained, the overall goal to “move Nigeria 20 steps upwards in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index”, in the short to medium term, would be achieved.


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